Tips from Toscano for a healthier life

Have three main meals and 3 in-between snacks. This prevents the person from nibbling between meals since having small snacks increases intestinal work, as the digestive tract will have constant stimulation, thus increasing energy spending and metabolism. Moreover, small amounts eaten several times a day slowly reduce the size of an expanded stomach to a normal size.

  1. Chew every bite at least 30 times for better digestion and better absorption of nutrients, higher energy spending and less food intake since if you eat slowly you will feel full with a smaller amount of food.
  2. Drink a lot of liquids, particularly water (2 – 3 liters) to preserve normal body functions, but always between meals, not during meals.
  3. Sugar should be reduced or replaced by some other sweetener. Sugar is very caloric and does not deliver benefits to health.
  4. Fibers must be part of the daily intake of food to ensure good intestinal functioning and to help prevent and treat diseases such as increased cholesterol and colon cancer. Moreover, fiber-rich food makes you feel less hungry. Daily consumption of 20-30 g of fibers is recommended.
  5. Physical exercise, when practiced correctly and guided by a professional expert, speeds up burning of stored fat and helps reduce weight.
  6. Have your meals calmly, in a quiet place. You should never eat and walk, or eat and watch TV or eat while arguing with someone. The atmosphere should be calm so you do not vent your anger on your food. If you eat in a rush, you will eat too much without noticing because it takes longer to feel full.
  7. Do not take a nap after your meals. Do not eat heavy food at night, since during this time digestion is slower and more difficult.